Autopilot Services

Not something you want to trust to just anybody!

When it comes to autopilot services, there is no substitute for experience and attention to detail. At Mayday Avionics, our people make the difference- we have the proper knowledge of the autopilot system itself and the aircraft, which is essential. We have a long history of not just servicing autopilots, but servicing several autopilots many other avionics shops do not.

We do our servo overhauls in-house on most systems and have an extensive loaner inventory available. Call Ed Ensink the next time you need autopilot service and find out why other avionics shops send us their autopilot service. 1-800-678-1237

"The airplane flew back to PTK great and the radios worked just as advertised."


Mayday Avionics, Inc.

Established in 1972, Mayday Avionics has been an industry leader in avionic installations, auto pilot services, aircraft maintenance, and custom avionic services. To present day, Mayday Avionics has assembled one of the finest teams of avionics technicians in the industry with a combined 352 years of experience!

Our Location

We are located on the campus of the Gerald R. Ford International Airport in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Once you are inside the campus, we are located in building #200 Technic Air/Mayday Avionics facility.

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4151 Aviator Way, Suite 2
Grand Rapids, MI 49512
P.O. Box 888316
Grand Rapids, MI 49588
Toll-Free: 1- 800-678-1237
Fax: 616-957-2218